Benefits and responsibilities

Individuals, scientists, enterprises, universities and research institutes residing in Hochiminh City, who are interested in use, application, contribution and development of high technologies agree with Association Charter, voluntarily register and admitted by the Board of Management.



  • Strictly complying with Association Charter; regulations of Executive Committee and Resolutions of the General Meeting
  • Participating Association activities
  • Paying Association registration fee, annual fee and other fees adequately and properly
  • Protecting the reputation of Association. Strictly prohibited to be on behalf of Association for any transaction without authorization in writing.


  • Legal rights and benefits are protected
  • To be provided updated information properly
  • To be provided training, consulting services and informed about high technology  issues organised by Association
  • To participate activities organised by Association
  • Being supported and assisted by national and international  organizations motivated  by Association
  • To have rights to discuss, comment and question organizations and individuals executing Association  in terms of policies and activities
  • Official members have rights to vote, nominate,  self-nominate for a positions in the Executive Committee and other positions and organizations of Association