On October 19, 2023, an important event organized by the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City attracted the attention of professionals. The workshop titled “Market demand - Production responsibility: The role of quality control of modern distribution channels and solutions for building a sustainable supply chain” attracted the participation of many agencies, organizations and retail supermarket chains. 

Some highlights of the workshop:

The changes in market demand, production responsibility, and the special role of modern retail chains.
Detailed discussion on the current situation of production, distribution system, with an emphasis on food safety control solutions.

Ho Chi Minh City High Technology Association - Valuable contributions:

One of the important suggestions came from the Ho Chi Minh City High Technology Association. From applying 4.0 technology to the traceability system since 2016, to introducing the upcoming management systems, the Ho Chi Minh City High Technology Association has proposed some advanced solutions:

Product recall management system, which helps to respond quickly to products with problems.
Cold chain portal, which ensures the preservation process of products from farm to retail point.
Electronic supply and demand connection system, which links the supply chain from production base to consumer.
In addition, the High Technology Association will continue to lead in organizing free technical exchange sessions on food safety and traceability, helping to improve knowledge for retail chains.

The workshop clarified the role of each party in the supply chain, creating conditions for the sustainable development of the market.