Members who join the High Technology Association of Ho Chi Minh City will have the following rights and benefits:
1. Members are supported and assisted by the Association, including:
- Being protected of legitimate rights and interests;
- Being provided with timely information;
- Being provided with training, consulting, and information services on issues related to high technology organized by the Association;
- Participating in all activities organized by the Association;
- Enjoying the support and assistance of organizations inside and outside the country mobilized by the Association according to the law;
- Other legitimate benefits not contrary to the law and this Charter:
+ Being updated and promoted products, services, projects on the website of the Association;
+ Being promoted information of their unit/individual on the website of the Association;
+ Being supported to post recruitment, investment, invitation to participate in programs/projects on the website of the Association (after being approved by the Association);
+ Having access to products of other members at preferential prices.
+ Having access to the source of documents of the Association (market assessment reports, ebooks, free courses,...)
2. Members have the right to discuss, criticize, question the organizations and individuals managing the Association about the policies and activities of the Association.
3. Members have the right to contribute documents to the source of documents of the Association to share with other members.
4. Official members have the right to vote, nominate, run and elect people to the Executive Board and other organizations and positions of the Association according to regulations.

Individuals and organizations wishing to join the Association must submit an application on the Website or at the Office of the Association. The application includes:

1. Application form with 4x6cm photo, full signature and seal (for enterprises/organizations);

- Download application form here: Click here to download the registration form

2. Copy of establishment decision, business license with notarized copy, curriculum vitae of the authorized representative (for enterprises/organizations); Or citizen identification card, curriculum vitae (for individuals);

After preparing the full application, please follow the steps to fill in the information and upload scanned files or images (file upload <5Mb) at the "MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION" steps below.

The High Technology Association will review the application and respond via email within 5 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). After being successfully approved, members will receive an email to create an account to log in to the Association's Website.