1. Information Collection
- Personal information: When members register to join the association or use the contact form, we may collect some personal information such as name, email address, phone number and address.
- Automatic information: We may collect information about IP, browser type, access time and pages viewed on our website.

2. Purpose of Information Use
- Member management: To verify identity, update information and respond to requests or feedback from members.
- Notification: To send information about activities, events and updates from the association.

3. Information Protection
- Technical security: We use security measures such as data encryption, firewalls and anti-DDoS attacks to protect information.
- Organizational security: Only authorized employees have access to personal data of members.

4. Information Sharing
- We commit not to share, sell or exchange personal information of members to third parties except when required by law.

5. Access and Modification Rights
- Members have the right to request access, modification or deletion of their personal information.
- To do this, members can contact us directly via the contact form or email address provided on the website.

6. Cookie Use
- Our website uses cookies to collect information about how you use the website, which helps improve the experience and performance of the website.
- You can choose to decline or accept cookies through your browser settings.

7. Policy Changes
- We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time without prior notice.
- Any changes will be updated on the website and we encourage members to regularly review the privacy policy to keep up with the changes.