The Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City seeks feedback from the scientific and business community to improve the information management system for product traceability in the city.

On August 31, the Department of Science and Technology (ST) of Ho Chi Minh City organized a monthly creative event, this time with the theme “Solutions for establishing and developing traceability systems”. The main goal of the event was to find suitable units to design and manage the traceability system, in order to enhance the quality of product management and control.

The representative of the Department of ST of Ho Chi Minh City said that identifying the origin of products is an indispensable factor in the supply chain, which helps to increase transparency and safety for products. This not only enhances the reputation of businesses but also brings confidence to consumers. Product traceability in Vietnam is becoming a standard.

Mr. Dao Ha Trung, Chairman of the High Technology Association of Ho Chi Minh City shared about the task of building a traceability system

The proposed solution must comply with the standards and legal regulations, and need to use advanced technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT and Big Data. Data must be updated in real time, secure and immutable. The interface must be friendly, flexible and compatible with other systems.

The Deputy Director of the Department of ST of Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Hue, emphasized that in 2019, the Prime Minister approved a project related to the deployment of traceability systems. The goal of this project is to establish and manage traceability information for products in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Department of ST of Ho Chi Minh City hopes to receive opinions and contributions from scientists and businesses. The event also introduced about “Research and application of artificial intelligence in state management”, aiming to create opportunities for cooperation and connection between schools, research institutes and businesses.

Source: Saigon Liberation Newspaper